World Book eBooks Suite


Support classroom instruction and library reading initiatives with over 2,500 titles, including World Book exclusive content and classic literature (novels, plays, poems, and nonfiction). With 24/7 unlimited, simultaneous access and unlimited renewals per book per user, World Book eBooks are available anytime, anywhere, and feature a free downloadable app compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

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Access to over 2,500 ebooks and World Book ® exclusive content

Access to hundreds of proprietary World Book eBooks, exclusively for your patrons!

Unlimited simultaneous users per book and unlimited renewals per user.

Promotes comprehension and retention with interactive content, including multimedia, audio, video, and quizzes

Enables collaboration with offline activity, including sharable annotations, bookmarks, and highlights that can be saved and synched online

Simplifies MARC records with customizable URL’s to link directly from library catalogs to eBook landing pages, separated by collection

Includes engaging activities, such as links to other books, external sites, surveys, preview pages, and printable pages, to expand a child’s knowledge base

Access to content for an immersive reading experience.

Reliable, factual, and interactive content.

Stunning photographs and visuals entice and educate readers.