World Book series make even the most complicated topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics accessible and fun for young learners. These books combine large, colorful photographs; accurate, engaging diagrams; and easy-to-understand text to give students a jump-start in STEM subjects.

Introduces the main animal groups to readers and teaches them basic principles of scientific classification

From icy polar wastes to scorched deserts to the ocean depths, learn about an array of habitats

Detailed spreads go deep inside the human body to learn about organs, structures, and systems

Introduction to plant classification, genetic traits and heredity, the cell cycle, and more

Original comics-style art draws students into the magic world of learning mathematics

All the major groups of dinosaurs, from fierce meat-eaters to the gentle giants that ate plants

Explore the impact a warmer climate may have on oceans, habitats, and more

Understand the plight of endangered animals and the efforts to save them

A visual experience exploring the breathtaking land forms created by Earth’s natural forces

Explore the next frontiers of space with projects that have won grants from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program

 Pairs humor and action with scientific information to make difficult topics amusing and easy to understand

Explore our planetary neighbors and discover their chemical compositions, atmospheres, and more

The celestial wonders beyond our solar system and how we study them

An easy-to-use introduction to basic science topics