Science Power

Science Power is an engaging and visually rich supplemental science learning site for upper elementary-age children. With interactive multimedia, teacher guides, and assessments included with each lesson, Science Power is well suited for use in the classroom, the school library, and the public library.

Get Science Power for your classroom or library and:

Teach science topics using interactive, engaging tools

Evaluate student learning with tracked, scored assessments

Use the differentiated content to support struggling readers and ELL students.

Improve students’ cross-curricular literacy skills

Key Features:

Search lessons by curriculum standards for your state or province, grade level, or by textbook. All lessons on the site are correlated to Common Core, state, and provincial standards, as well as to many of most widely used science textbooks.

• Every lesson contains a wealth of multimedia, custom-tailored to the content, including interactive animations, photos, and videos.

• Each lesson has an on-level and below-level version, based on The Lexile Framework® for Reading.

Experiments, which accompany each lesson, typically use simple, low-cost materials and are written with both educators and students in mind. They provide a way to explore the lesson’s content hands-on in a safe and fun way!

Critical Thinking questions prompt students to take a new look at what they’ve learned and apply it to other concepts.

Extension Activities expand the content and application of the lesson, often incorporating a graphic organizer for students to map out their results from their observations, examinations, and interactions.