World Book Discover

World Book Discover offers engaging reference resources for students reading below grade level because of language or learning difficulties, with content and tools specifically developed for these students.

Key Features

Discover features articles from our World Book Discover encyclopedia. These articles are written at a lower Lexile level, helping students that may be belowing reading level, English Language Learners, or adult literacy students access the information they need.

In addition, Discover helps these learners navigate the research process by providing tutorials for how to find, evaluate, and organize information as well as cite sources.


Discover has many features designed to give all learners access to the information they need:

  • Easy-to-read articles on topics of interest to middle- and high school students that include reading comprehension questions to help students focus on key concepts.
  • An uncluttered interface, easy-to-understand content, and useful activities.
  • World Book Explains videos, which feature experts answering questions on high-interest topics.
  • How to Do Research, which contains invaluable resources for both students and educators.
  • Citation Builder that creates flawless citations in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats.
  • Users can translate articles into 100+ languages or have them read aloud in English.
  • The rich, interactive Life Skills Center offers practical tips on such topics as applying for jobs, budgeting, arranging housing, health care issues, social skills, and more.
  • See correlations to Common Core, state, and provincial standards.


  • Ideal for reluctant readers, ELL, ESL, and adult literacy students with content tailored for ease of comprehension and vocabulary building.
  • Makes content more accessible to readers of all levels and helps you differentiate instruction in any learning environment.
  • Optimized for iPads and the most popular Android devices.


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