World Book Wizard is a question-based, adaptive learning platform providing a comprehensive set of curriculum-based drills and courses for students in grades K-8. Teachers set up classes from their Wizard teacher dashboard and create drill assignments, focused around core subject areas for their students to complete. Students, in turn, access these drills through our adaptive learning portal. Each answer they give provides immediate feedback to help a student learn, and several variances of each question are given throughout the drill to eventually help a student master a topic and anchor knowledge for the long term. Along the way, students unlock gaming rewards and earn badges that display on their dashboards. Wizard helps students develop, maintain, and truly retain knowledge and skills for the long term in a way that is both fast and smart.

Key Features

Content available for grades K-8.

  • Four core subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Content is aligned to Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.
  • 626 spread across 185 courses with more continuously being added.
  • For a detailed list of the courses and drills currently available click here.


Magical features include:

  • Teachers can create an unlimited number of classes to monitor student progress with detailed reports.
  • Ability to assign curriculum-related content with the click of a button. Differentiate instruction by assigning to the whole group, or a subset of individual students within the class.
  • Students use their Wizard dashboard to join classes, view assignments and due dates, or practice on their own.
  • Kids can earn badges to make learning fun and exciting!
  • Specialized technology monitors and predicts current and future proficiency levels.
  • Questions adapt based on previous responses.
  • Provides instant feedback to help users learn from their mistakes, so students get the 1:1 attention whether they are in the classroom or remote.


There are a few terms specific to Wizard that will come in handy when using the product.

  • Course - a collection of drills all related to the same subject.
  • Drill - an exercise to practice material for a single subject. Each drill is made up of 5-12 questions.
  • Assignment - a task created by teachers to be completed by an individual student, or the entire class.
  • Teacher code - a one-time code needed to create a teacher account. This is provided by World Book. If you are not sure of your teacher code, contact your account admin or email wizard@worldbook.com.
  • Class code- the code students need to join individual classes. When a teacher creates a class, a unique class code is generated and displays on the class to share with students.

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For additional information, questions, or other feedback email us at international@worldbook.com.