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The world is full of animals with strange shapes, dangerous defenses, and bizarre habits. This series highlights the most extreme among them

Travel along with Zac Newton and friends as they learn about electricity, animals, space, and more from history’s most famous scientists.

Fly kites in Beijing, grab a hot dog in Chicago, and dance the tango in Buenos Aires. Ayo the aardvark takes a tour of 10 world-class cities

Engages readers with high-interest and diverse topics, such as animals, sports, and more

Provides bite-sized information to promote comprehension by early readers

Richly illustrated collection explains the science behind natural disasters

Each volume focuses on a famous person, focusing on pivotal moments in that person’s life that led to a high-level change in thinking or action around the world.

It’s a big, beautiful world out there, and we want kids to say “Hello!” As they read, kids will begin to build a love and respect for the world around them.


Informative insight into animal lives, particularly at a time when survival is harder because of habitat destruction and climate change

Historical events can seem too complex to understand. History Summarized makes some of the world’s major events comprehensible.

Each volume title question represents an imaginative idea or adventure kids might think about trying to do in the real world

Did you know that pirates rarely buried treasure? Or that Earth isn’t quite round? And that some mammals lay eggs?