Kids eLearn

Kids eLearn is a first-of-its-kind Arabic language reference website that was developed specifically for elementary-aged students through the partnership of World Book, Inc. and Jabal Amman Publishers. The site features simple navigation, easy-to-read articles, and thoughtful hands-on activities to engage young learners.

Added-value features such as My Country enable students to connect more easily with the community and world around them by introducing students to such things as local history, culture, and important people through an assortment of interactive games, vivid media components, and age-appropriate articles. Additionally, an English language reference resource is included to open a new world of language and learning.

Key Features:

Explore your home with the customizable My Countryfeature. My Country provides in-depth information on therelating to history, people, culture, and the lands of theArab region . Users can browse through vivid photographs,read articles, or play fun and interactive games.

Hundreds of engaging educational games and hands-onactivities designed to promote creativity and enhancestudents engagement with the content.

Complete instructions with illustrative images and a listof east to find materials give teachers and students theinformation they need to perform meaningful and excitingscience experiments

Dozens of featured videos in Arabic plus thousands ofimages and illustrations provide factual information andappeals to a wide variety of learning styles.