Hello, Beautiful!

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SKU: 20400 • ISBN: 978-0-7166-3567-3
Volumes: 10 • Copyright: 2018

It’s a big, beautiful world out there, and we want kids to say “Hello!” As they read, kids will begin to build a love and respect for the world around them. At the back of the book are basic facts about each pictured animal to help answer kids’ questions.

Series Titles:

Backyard Animals
Colorful Animals
Desert Animals
Farm Animals
Feathered Animals
Furry Animals
Pet Animals
Six-Legged Animals
Water Animals
Zoo Animals


Key Highlights:

  • Teach children how to read while introducing basic factual concepts about animals.
  • Engage pre-readers and beginning readers with large, colorful photographs.
  • Build confidence in readers by using each title as a lap/read-to-me picture book or as a first read-on-my-own book.
  • Each title teaches children about a specific animal group and where they can be found.