Famous Myths and Legends of the World

This new, 12-volume series is packed with history’s most famous myths and legends that span the globe, from the Hawaiians’ tale of the first volcanic eruption to the Australian Aboriginal people’s explanation of the continent’s natural landscape. Along with the stories, readers will find well-researched explanations about the origins of the ancient tales, providing an in-depth look inside the cultures of the people who told them. Accompanied by eye-catching artwork, breathtaking photography, and illuminating details about contemporary time periods, these epic stories will engage readers eager to learn the scientific or historical facts behind the myths.

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Key Highlights:

  • Detailed background information explains historical and scientific significance and clues.
  • Covers geography, religious practices, moral codes, and important symbols pertinent to history, English language, world literature, and social studies instruction.
  • Critical moments and key facts highlighted for each myth or legend to aid comprehension.


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Volumes: 12 • Copyright: 2015