Endangered Animals of the World

Focusing on threatened animals in specific regions around the world, each book in this series describes physical characteristics, behaviors, threat levels, and reasons for endangerment of the selected animals. Students gain a deeper understanding of the plight of endangered animals and the efforts to save them through captivating imagery, detailed maps, clear and informative entries, and helpful iconography.

Kids will gravitate toward the large, colorful pictures of swinging orangutans and elegant cranes. Simple iconography relates reasons for endangerment, from poaching to overfishing to pollution to loss of habitat. Detailed maps provide visual learners with a reference for each animal’s range.


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Series Titles:

Endangered Animals of Africa

Endangered Animals of Asia

Endangered Animals of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands

Endangered Animals of Europe

Endangered Animals of North America

Endangered Animals of South America

Endangered Animals of the Oceans


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