Digital Libraries

Digital Libraries offer an online, interactive complement to several of World Book’s most popular print nonfiction series: Early Peoples, Inventions and Discoveries, and Living Green. Each library features all the information found in the print set as well as added bonus material including videos and animations, interactive features, lesson plans, curriculum correlations, and external web resources.


Learn all about important new environmental issues and green-living practices in this comprehensive digital library. Living Green examines the environmental impact of modern life—from the water bottles we purchase, to the cars we drive, to the food we buy—and suggests ways that people can reduce their “carbon footprint.” Each section contains “green” facts, sidebars, and hands-on activities to conduct at home or in the community, as well as informative video tutorials and animations.


Inventions and Discoveries explores a fascinating collection of objects and ideas that have changed how we live today. Users can learn about the invention of both transformative technological advances and simple everyday items—from the steam engine to the toothbrush.


Early Peoples helps to promote students’ understanding of other perspectives and cultures throughout history. The site’s content covers the origins and rise of each civilization or culture; social structure and the role of women; methods of warfare; daily life and customs; diet; housing; legal system; religion, spiritual beliefs, and holidays; advances in science; arts and crafts; eventual decline; and the culture’s legacy in the modern world.