Animals at Work

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SKU: 20398 • ISBN: 978-0-7166-2724-1
Volumes: 12 • Copyright: 2018

Animals at Work is an informative way to look at the lives of animals, particularly at a time when the hard work of survival is becoming even harder because of habitat destruction and climate change. If animals are to thrive alongside us, it’s important for students to see the parallels between animals’ lives and their own and to understand how tough it is for many animals to make their way in the world surrounded by humans.

Series Titles:

Animals Attacking
Animals Caring for Their Young
Animals Communicating
Animals Defending Themselves
Animals Finding Food
Animals Finding Mates
Animals Living Alongside People
Animals Living in Groups
Animals Making Homes
Animals Migrating
Animals Surviving in Extreme Environments
Animals Depending on Other Animals


Key Highlights:

  • Explore amazing animal behaviors and emphasize the parallels between animal lives and human lives to prompt high order thinking in students.
  • Offer a compare and contrast approach to understanding how animals respond to common challenges and the need to survive.
  • Enhance your science collection with books that explain how Animals interact with each other in groups, food webs, and ecosystems.
  • Teach important concepts such as pollution, over fishing, and deforestation, affect animal life.