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SKU: 20273 • ISBN: 978-0-7166-1786-0
Volumes: 8 • Copyright: 2011 

With striking photographs and illustrations, World Book’s A Look At… series takes children on a journey through different ages and locations around the globe and beyond. Perfect for visual learners, each nonfiction book creatively explores high-interest topics with ample illustrations and concise text that help readers absorb and retain information. Helpful glossaries and indexes in each volume direct students to the most important terms and topics. Help learners with a primary reading level of 6th to 8th grade encounter a range of topics in nature, history, science, and technology with World Book’s A Look At…series!

Series Titles:
The Age of Knights and Castles
Icy Worlds
Insects and Spiders
Inventions and Discoveries
The Sea and Its Marvels
Space Exploration
Voyages of Exploration
Wonders of the World


Key Highlights:

  • Striking photographs and illustrations
  • High-interest topics
  • Reflects state and provincial learning standards
  • Additional print and website resource lists